I have allergies to wheat, corn and dairy..  It is surprising how hard it is to find BBQ sauce that does not contain corn syrup and/or corn starch in it, much less a good BBQ sauce. You can only imagine my glee yes glee when my wife brought home some Grendeddy Dave’s BBQ Sauce, which she had tasted at the “Meet in the Street” in Wake Forest. WOW!!  Not only is it good, it is the best darn BBQ sauce I have ever had.  Yours Truly,

 David and Dawn Vohwinkel Rolesville, NC


To 'whom It May Concern,

Our daughter-in-law, Mary Straits, teaches your daughter. She recently brought home a bottle of your bbq sauce that your daughter gave her as a gift. We had a cookout for Mother's Day and used your bbq sauce. We absolutely loved it! It was not too sweet and just "bitey" enough. We were very surprised to know it was made in Wake Forest. I'm sure we will be using it again.
Thank you,

Ira and Abbey Straits Wake Forest, NC


I met your kind family at the recent Meet in the Street event in Wake Forest.  My 3-year-old son, Taylor, was loving the meatball much that we bought 3 bottles of sauce!  One of your family members got a picture of him enjoying "the goods," and mentioned that his picture may be posted on the website -- to advertise a satisfied customer! 

(Of course, he would be thrilled to see himself on the screen!)

Well Shelly, your son is a Dave's Smokeshack Star!!!

Here's 3 year old Taylor diggin the Sauce!!!

Shelly Rotosky Wake Forest, NC

I had to send you an e-mail to tell you how much I enjoy the BBQ sauce. We all love it! I brought some to work and they are asking me to get them some. I made something for my husband and he sent me back to the store for a gallon. This is great. I tried the rub, and it is even better! We made chicken on the grill with the rub, and then had BBQ sauce to finish it. Talk about finger licking good, my 2 year old was licking it off her shirt. haha

Thank you so much for sharing all your good food and recipes with us. Keep the sauce and rub coming and we will always be happy. The way to our hearts and to show love is through food, and honey, you did it. I plan on sending baskets to family for Christmas so you have to stay around. :-)~

Thank You
Lori and Family North Carolina



I was at the fair and of course fell in love with your sauce.  I told you of a bbq potatoe recipe.  Well I did make it and wow was it good.  Here it is I do hope you will try it.
8 white potatoes peeled and cut into large pieces (you may also use canned boiled whole potatoes or new potatoes)
1/2 stick butter
3 TBL bbq sauce
1-2 TBLS catsup
salt and black pepper
bring everything to a boil and cook till fork tender.  Serve right away, however it is better the next day.  (has had time for all flavors to marinate) 
I also plan to try it in my field peas.  Will let you know how that works!
I did enjoy the fair and meeting you.  Good luck with everything

Dianna Boyce North Carolina


You boys have got something here!  I picked up a bottle of the hot sauce at the state fair, and now I am hooked.  If I had known this stuff was so addictive, I would have gone across the way and told those Highway Patrol boys to come lock y'all up! Seriously - love the blend.  The flavor, heat and sweet all meet to make my grilled pork proud.  There is a sauce down east - starts with "Uncle" - that I was fond of, but Grendeddy's done taken over. 

 Send me a gallon - All the best -  

Moses Moye Winterville, NC


I’m a grilling fanatic and do so year round. I also mix my own sauces and have even used acombination of off the shelf sauces to come up with one I really like. After serving some chicken with one of my mixes, a friend said they had found a sauce they wanted me to try. A couple of weeks later they brought me a bottle of Grendeddy Dave’s B-B-Q sauce. I must say that it grabbed my attention and had the taste I was looking for. Last week my daughter’s boyfriend brought me a bottle of Grendeddy Dave’s HOT B-B-Q sauce. The hot version is perfect!!! I grilled a pork loin to take to church last weekend for homecoming and it was cooked and covered with the hot sauce. Everyone loved it!!! The only problem was it took the entire bottle of my sauce. Tonight my daughter’s boyfriend shows up with three bottles of Grendeddy Dave’s HOT sauce. It’s going on some grilled
chicken tomorrow night!

Keep the sauce coming Dave!!!

Mike Gilliam Raleigh, NC


Wow! Grendeddy's is the best BBQ sauce we have ever eaten! We've used it on steaks, chicken, hamburgers, shrimp, and ribs ... our 7 year old son even loves it on his hotdogs! We'll be ordering more Grendeddy's ... only this time we'll order the gallon jug!

Thanks for making such a great product!

L. Powell West Jefferson, NC


I work with Tammy and when I found out that Jeff and his brothers were bottling a bbq sauce, I asked Tammy if we could try it.  She brought in a bottle and we had it the first night with chicken.  My 10 year old son, Connor tried it and said "this is the best sauce I have ever tasted.  It is AWESOME".  He now dips everything in it.  I decided to take a picture of him getting ready to devour his dinner to send to your website.  Notice that the bottle is now empty but never fear, we have ordered a gallon and will never run out.   Thanks Tammy for introducing us to this wonderful sauce!  It has become a staple in our house!

Yvonne Tucker Raleigh, NC


I love your website and I love your Sauce!!!

Brenda Higginbotham Warner Robins, GA


I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of this amazing sauce as a christmas present in 2005 from Tammy and Jeff. Our house has not had any other barbecue sauce in it since! The balance is just right and you can really put it on anything! Thank you Tammy and Jeff for turning us on to this delicious condiment! We'll support you and eat it as long as you make it!

Alison and Kenne Harding Raleigh, NC


Grendeddy Dave's BBQ Sauce is the best sauce I have every had. I will never use anything else but Grendeddy Dave's. It makes the best chicken and ribs you will ever eat!

Cindy Wilson Sims, NC


Grendeddy Dave's BBQ Sauce is the only sauce that my whole family agrees on. Before Grendeddy's we always argued over vinegary sauce or thick, sweet sauce, but now we finally have a sauce everyone will eat and


Amy Moxley Youngsville, NC


Grendeddy Dave,
You may or may not remember me. I ran across you at the Kitchen outlet, somewhere in NC. You told me about Grendeddy Dave's BBQ sauce and wher to purchase a bottle. Both my wife and I ride motorcycles. Most trips include trying a BBQ place on our rides. Georgia,Alabama, Tenn, NC and SC we have tried several. Well we got a bottle of your sauce and finally made it back home. Got some slow cooked boston butt and was ready to try Grendeddy. Your sauce, if I may use, "it's some kinda GOOOOOD!!!!". WOW I love it. But the true test was my wife. She could not quit talking about your sauce. She went on and on, how she LOVE your sauce. But to sum it up, I think you have two more customers.


Wayne and Susan Carter Martinez, Ga.

Mike Gilliam